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Ways to Recycle More in 2014

recycle or donateLet's be honest, New Year's resolutions are easier said than done. But what if this year, you make a resolution that will not only benefit you, but also the world around you? CompuCycle encourages you to do just that in the upcoming year. Here are some new and fun ways reduce your carbon footprint and make a personal impact on the planet in 2014.

Don't Waste at Work or School

The simplest way to start recycling is to place recycling bins in every office, break room, and conference room making it easy and convenient to recycle. Since paper is the most common recyclable found in an office or school, make sure there are surplus recycling bins on display for it.


Upcycling simply means to change the way to you see trash or waste. You can find plenty of examples of upcycled art that are certain to inspire you to give a second life to something like plastic bottles. When you upcycle, you are keeping waste out of landfills and giving it some practicality.

Try a little DIY

There's no greater joy than doing something yourself, and being able to show it off. Now more than ever, people are enjoying DIY crafts because they are cost effective. Reduce waste and treat yourself to a unique light fixture or holiday decoration crafted out of something you normally wouldn't think twice about.

Recycle with CompuCycle

In the year 2014, CompuCycle is making it easier than ever to recycle your electronics. We have monthly Saturday drop off collections around the Greater Houston area. We have partnered with the City of Houston to provide DROPoff Houston; all that are free to Houston residents!

Once you start these few changes in your life it simply becomes more of a habit rather than something you have to do. So this year do your part in helping the environment and sticking to your New Year's resolution to recycle more!


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